The Art of Dinosaur Bone Beds

Visual Art Course with Jason C. Poole

Plants, invertebrates, geography, and animals, including dinosaurs, turtles, crocs, and more, are all clues to reconstructing ecosystems and events long gone. Join us and learn how to do science-based dinosaur art from bone beds.

Our ten week exploration of the science of taphonomy, and what can be learned
from a bone bed will use real examples of fossil quarry maps and fossil site inventories. The flora and fauna discovered at these sites will guide students in recreating situations and environments lost to deep time.

Stegosaur skeleton

Jason C. Poole specializes in acrylic on canvas and watercolor techniques.

Jurassic Passing

Jason C. Poole has line art featured in the award-winning A Dynasty of Dinosaurs coloring book and the award-winning TTRPG Epyllion by Magpie Games.

Basking Spinosaurus

Jason C. Poole takes you into his art processes with  ballpoint and graphite sketches.


Join Jason C. Poole as he explores digital art.

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