Winter 2022
Online Class

Visual Art Course with Jason C. Poole

Drawing Dinosaurs & More Ancient Creatures

Thursdays 6-7:30PM MT (8-9:30PM EST)

January 13th to March 17th

Join me for another 10 week virtual art class! Each week we will explore a different ancient animal chosen by participating students, anything from dinosaurs, mammals, pterosaurs, aquatic critters, and more! The sky (and the sea) is the limit! Students may propose 2 animals when you sign up. 

Each class will begin by reviewing facts and features of the selected ancient creature. Most of our time will focus on how to create a detailed, accurate reconstruction based on skeletal references. We will wrap up with a quick summary of everything we've learned.


Jason C. Poole specializes in acrylic on canvas and watercolor techniques.

Jurassic Passing

Jason C. Poole has line art featured in the award-winning A Dynasty of Dinosaurs coloring book and the award-winning TTRPG Epyllion by Magpie Games.

Basking Spinosaurus

Jason C. Poole takes you into his art processes with  ballpoint and graphite sketches.


Join Jason C. Poole as he explores digital art.

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